If you want network marketing to become your profession – but even if you are only curious and want to know what it really is about – you can’t do without this book: it takes you by the hand and walks you step by step through the world of professional networkers.

It gives you a method. Actually, it gives you the right method to achieve success in this profession. You have to put in something of yourself, of course. You have to trust someone who knows more than you and follow his tips to the letter. Yes, to the letter, right? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel if a method already works, agreed? In Eric Worre’s case, we’re talking about one of the greatest networkers in history, and Go Pro is the summary of his years of experience.

It’s practical, no-frills, you can read it in one sitting, but most importantly it explains the seven winning steps to become a successful network marketing professional. Are you ready? Let’s go! 2fc348_cf067e5cded54a49aeaf1ada14a55d3a

  1. Creating a database of contacts. You’ll be amazed by how many people you know! Write down the names of everyone, even of those you don’t like, even of those who seem totally unfit for this business, because they could be surprise you, even the ones who are 98 or 18. Clear your mind of your prejudices and don’t leave anybody out.
  2. Inviting your contacts to understand the opportunity you offer. First of all, however, bear in mind that you’re not a shark ready to attack, okay? Ah yes, Eric Worre warns you right away not to act like a shark: your objective is not to hunt down and catch distributors and clients as quickly as possible, but to invite them to understand a new business opportunity. At this stage, you can invite them to watch an online presentation of your company: that’s what they are made for! Also remember that each invitation has to be tailor-made: each prospect has their own qualities and unique needs that you have to know in order to focus on them. Getting to know the qualities and the needs of a person requires time to earn their trust and really connect. Take some time, because 80% of your success in this business comes from a good invitation.
  3. Presenting your products or business opportunity to your contacts. You did it, on the given day your prospects will be in front of you, all ears. Now follow these simple rules:
  • Your job is only to convey to your contacts the enthusiasm and passion you have for what you do;
  • do not present yourself as the ultimate expert in network marketing but let a third party (another distributor) provide your contacts with information about products and the business opportunity, or, as I said before, use tools aimed at this purpose: CDs, DVDs, online presentations, etc.
  • in general, always give preference to the events organized by your company than to solo presentations. Unity is strength!

      4.  Following up with your contacts, asking for a feedback. At this stage, the question “So, what do you think?” is banned, because this is the way to trigger                harsh objections. Rather, ask “What did you like best?” because it’s a question that puts your prospect in a positive frame of mind. Depending on their answer –            “I like the products” or “financial freedom” – you will know what their main interest is.

5. Helping your contacts become customers or distributors. The key to success is a combination of two factors:

  • having the good approach: if your contact feels too much emotional attachment from you (like “I really have to make this one sign in”), this will scare them away. Your objective is another one: making them understand that the opportunity you’re offering them will improve their life.
  • asking good questions: once you’ve asked the question, listen to the answer. Talking, talking, talking is prohibited, because again your prospect will run away like a hare. Nobody likes to be buried under a ton of words, right? What are the right questions? For instance: “What’s your objective?”, “How much would you like to earn monthly?”, “How many hours a week would you like to commit to this job?”, “How much time do you think you need to achieve your objective?

     6.  Helping your distributor get started right. Once a contact has joined, it’s where your job starts. This is the difference between a professional networker and         a hobbyist: network marketing professionals don’t abandon their new distributors to their fate but they help them achieve their first results promptly and set             real and feasible targets. Mostly they are their guide who follow them throughout their professional career.

    7.  Promoting events. In network marketing events produce contacts and therefore new members. It doesn’t matter if we live in the Internet age: talking to people         face-to-face is still a unique way to create empathy, as well as one of the secrets of successful networkers.

This is just a bit of the valuable advice you find in Go Pro. If I were you, I’d buy it right away. You find the Italian version here. Then, if you wish to meet Eric Worre in person – I assume you he is magnetic and inspirational! – you cannot miss out on the Italian event in Rimini on October 15-16, 2016.

Enjoy your reading and untill next time!