I’m a professional networker, Double Diamond Director (the highest rank in Europe), but first of all I’m a woman who wakes up with a smile on her face every morning.

My job is to help people believe in their dreams and realize them one by one. When they finally have them in their grasp, their joy is also mine. Nothing is difficult after all, if you know how to do it, not even when you reach upon a distant star. But let’s start from the beginning…


I was born in Italy (Milan) in a wonderful family that always wanted the best for me. I attended the Institut auf dem Robenberg, a boarding school in Switzerland, and I graduated in Business Communication from the American International University in Los Angeles. Life gave me a fairy tale marriage and three beautiful kids: with my family I have lived in London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Cascais, Portugal.

I was a mom full time, with love and dedication, even though I can speak four languages and I could have been a business woman in some corporation…but no, I chose my children every day.


In 2013 my life fell apart: my fairy tale marriage didn’t have the classic ending of “they lived happily ever after”. Instead, I ended up facing a brand new challenge in my life: the pursuit of economic independence for myself and my kids, for the first time in my life. I was alone and this filled me with an energy I had never felt before.

My rebirth was professional network marketing: I rolled up my sleeves and I got down to work studying the skills of the greatest networkers (like Eric Worre). It was not a game and I did get results.

I got to know remarkable people who took me by the hand and helped me find my wings, and today I return the favor with pleasure by helping those who enter this wonderful world.


Network marketing is independence and the freedom to spend your time as you please: at work, with friends, with family…and with yourself.

Network marketing is friendship, empathy and success sharing, because I’m always side by side with those who believe and work hard.

Network marketing is a star in the sky that is within your reach, if you only believe.

What do you think? Shall we do it together?