Con mio marito, Danien Feier


What are the characteristics of a male networker? And those of a female networker? Men and women have certainly different approaches to network marketing.

In this article I explained the reasons why women are naturally inclined to the network marketing business. In fact, we have traits who make us fit for this business:

  • we are big talkers by nature and network marketing lives on the right words at the right time;
  • we focus on the product, which has to be always at the heart of the business. We try it, we fall in love with it and then we recommend it. Such was the case with me and the Jeunesse product line;
  • we balance our time in a busy schedule – family, work, home, friends – and network marketing is a business you can carry out anyplace, anytime, even in your spare moments. You only need a mobile phone and an Internet connection.

The male approach is different:

  • men are more pragmatic, they look more at numbers, at results, at the business network marketing embodies.
  • …and network marketing is not an ordinary business: network marketing is the business of the future. Even Robert Kiyosaki, US entrepreneur and author, explains it in his book “The Business of the 21st Century” where he shows the eight reasons why network marketing can ensure a future (together with Go Pro by Eric Worre, which is a book I recommend you read if you want to become a successful networker);
  • in order to achieve the desired outcome in network marketing, men pay close attention to planning the right strategy.


Female network marketing is, therefore, more emphasis on the product and on human relationships, while male network marketing is mostly focused on results and the strategy to achieve them.

I’m just saying in general: that means, in fact, that there are women more result- and strategy- oriented and men more focused on human relationships. I know many of them myself!

From left: Danien Feier, Stefania lo Gatto, Eric Worre
From left: Danien Feier, Stefania lo Gatto, Eric Worre

Overall, then, both men and women have essential characteristics in the networker profession which complement each other. One learns from the other and vice-versa. I’m always grateful to my husband Danien for helping me become a professional networker, together with other big networkers in the Unity Global team.

In fact, whether you are a man or a woman, what really matters in network marketing is knowledge, the right application of the working method, which is common to these business professionals, and the altruism behind it.

Network marketing is success sharing, helping others achieve their objectives. If you are focused on yourself, you won’t go a long way. For this reason, the team is so important in network marketing. Choosing the right team, where people – men and women – work supporting you from your first steps first through when you take flight, is essential.

Write me even if only for some advice. I will be happy to help you, just as my team – made of men and women – did with me.