Why Jeunesse?

Why did I choose Jeunesse? Because it’s the hottest company in network marketing, the most sought-after and with the most advanced products. In short, if you’re even slightly aware of it, you cannot help but want to be part of it.

 Do you want proof? Here you are:

Jeunesse is the number one company in network marketing for its growth trend: in only 6 months it achieved 1 million dollars in turnover, and that amount keeps growing. Much of the credit goes to its independent distributors, of whom I am one. I’m proud to contribute to Jeunesse’s success and to be part of its winning network marketing vision.

Jeunesse is reliable because it regularly operates in 121 countries, delivers to 156 countries and is ready to expand even more in order to create an internationally recognized brand.

Jenuesse is a network marketing company of solid experience, even though it’s newly established. Its founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, owned a software firm that implemented programs for NASA and for big network marketing companies. Thus, they knew the sector well and they saw with their own eyes how well it worked. Why not give it a shot, then?

Jeunesse is a company of undisputed credibility, because its product consultants are among the best doctors in the world. Doctor Vincent Giampapa, for instance, was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his research on stem cells; from being a consultant at NASA he has become an R&D consultant at Jeunesse on stem cell anti-aging products. How’s that sound? Not too bad, right? Not to mention that many successful Italian doctors have joined Jeunesse’s winning network, including  plastic surgeon Marco Gasparotti.

Jeunesse distributes outstanding products, which basically sell themselves. The company’s secret is the Youth Enhancement System, which counteracts the effects of aging through cutting-edge stem cell technology.

Jeunesse can count on an excellent organization: distributors and clients are taken care of during all stages of their experience with the company. Both can count on: product information sheets, brochures, videos with product characteristics and dosages, and an Italian web site.

Jeunesse is an ethical, transparent and generous company. The compensation plan is based on the binary system and the terms given to its distributors are excellent: high sales percentage commissions allowing a quick return on the initial investment, a personal site, and purchase of products at the list price. On top of that, the position you achieve in the company is heritable and saleable.

It’s Jeunesse’s big moment and yours too! Get in touch for more information on this amazing company.
I hope to hear from you!