Io e i miei figli


In 2013 I had a husband, a beautiful house with eight bedrooms, and I took care of my three kids exclusively.

Back then I didn’t know anything about network marketing: I had only a superficial and warped understanding built on the words of friends who’d had a negative personal experience (but…how direct were these experiences? For how long? Professional or amateur?) or, even worse, negative indirect experience.

At a Pilates class I happened to sell – on behalf of a friend of mine who was signed up with Jeunesse – a total of twelve boxes of a miracle antioxidant mix based on resveratrol – Jeunesse Reserve! – which I had tried myself on my skin with incredible results.

I sold Reserve almost by accident, simply by talking about it with enthusiasm to the women attending the class with me.

Just imagine my friend’s surprise! She was so happy that she seized the moment and offered to collaborate with me: “You bring me clients and I give you a commission on my earnings”.

I started bringing her lots of clients, without being signed with Jeunesse and without following any method. I simply said: “Look, I’ve tried it and it’s amazing!” Basically, the power of enthusiasm and of word of mouth.

My friend earned and I did too: not too bad, right?

But my story in Jeunesse had not yet begun.

The birth of a professional


It still was 2013 when the bubble burst: my… ehm… “friend” decided to continue her adventure in Jeunesse by herself and dismissed me unceremoniously.

I lost everything I had built up to that moment and, on top of that, I had to face the unexpected end of my marriage, after a 22-year relationship. I was left alone, with three kids, without a home and a job to support them.


Now, this is where my story begins.

I remember I looked at myself in the mirror saying: “I have never worked. I can speak four languages but I don’t have any experience…I can’t do anything. How do I get out of this?” The best I could get was some jobs for a few hundred dollars, too little to support my kids. But I couldn’t give up: I owed it to myself but mostly to my children. When I looked at them, I felt the strength of a lioness inside that only a mother can understand. I was a lioness fighting for her cubs. They were my “why”, the reason I was fighting.

I was desperate but my desperation during that time was my first resource. I was determined to find a place for myself and my kids, and this kept me getting back up again after each fall.

And, also, my faith in God gave me the strength to start again. I prayed and asked Him to help me. What happened afterwards was a kind of miracle for me.

I rolled up my sleeves and decided to start all over again in Jeunesse on my own, very seriously this time, in order to achieve lasting results. How? Certainly not only with enthusiasm, as when I sold twelve boxes at that Pilates class!

Yes, because without a method you don’t build anything: that’s what Danien Feier said and he was right! Danien, who is now my husband (but this is another story!), had already reached a very good position in Jeunesse, and I chose him as my mentor: it was he who guided me into the networker profession.

Thanks to him I revolutionized my approach: network marketing is a job and, as such, requires a structured method and very specific skills.

Danien invited me to attend an event by Eric Worre in Las Vegas. Eric Worre is a great professional in the sector and author of Go Pro, an essential book for all network marketing professionals. It is now also available in Italian.

It was just the beginning: that day the doors of a new world unknown until then swung open, a world made of entrepreneurs and prepared, constantly updated professionals.

It took me six months of studying, meetings and events before I could spread my wings.

Eventually I flew with my own wings, which had become strong and self-confident: it was September 2013, but that’s again another story…



Tips – History shows:

  1. Find your “why”.

  2. Focus on the product.

  3. Use a simple and duplicable method.